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  • What is S.T.A.R.'s METHOD?
    Modeled on the Social Learning Theory, S.T.A.R. provides a safe space for vulnerable young people to gain access to health and sexuality information and skills that can change the course of their lives. A growing body of literature on theater in education suggests it is a powerful tool for social change and an excellent forum for students to discuss sensitive topics and practice skills not usually explored in educational settings.
  • Are your results proven?
    Yes! S.T.A.R. has engaged in formal evaluation since 1992. Research demonstrates that participation in the S.T.A.R. Company increases knowledge, promotes healthy attitudes, builds skills and reduces risk-taking behavior. Positive knowledge, attitudinal and behavioral outcomes have also been seen among young people that participate in the STAR TOO! workshop series.
  • How can I get S.T.A.R. into my child's school?
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